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The Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education is a 2 year project designed to improve girl child education and livelihood. With funding from the MacArthur Foundation, the development, Research and Projects Centre (dRPC) is implementing the project in 13 girls secondary schools in Kano and Jigawa states with the aim of improving the girls’ performance in the upcoming 2014 & 2015 WAEC examinations. In commemoration of the “International Day Of The Girl Child”on 11th October 2013, the dRPC organized an essay competition for the 13 focal schools under the PSIPSE projects on any the following topics.
• Why is girl education important for development of all societies?
• A female role model I admire
• The ideal profession I like to have when I become an adult
• The vision I have for girls in my society
1193 entries were received for the competition and six most interesting essays were selected and presented here under.




The Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education is a 2 year project designed to improve girl child education and livelihood. With funding from the MacArthur Foundation, the development, Research and Projects Centre (dRPC) is implementing the project in 13 girls secondary schools in Kano and Jigawa states with the aim of improving the girls’ performance in the upcoming 2014 & 2015 WAEC examinations. In commemoration of the “International Day Of The Girl Child”on 11th October 2013, the dRPC organized an essay competition for the 13 focal schools under the PSIPSE projects on any the following topics.
• Why is girl education important for development of all societies?
• A female role model I admire
• The ideal profession I like to have when I become an adult
• The vision I have for girls in my society
1193 entries were received for the competition and six most interesting essays were selected and presented here under.



Maryam Lawan Taura (GGSSS Jahun)


SCHOOL: Government Girls Science Secondary School, Jahun.


Topic: The ideal Profession I will like to Have When I Become an Adult.

One of my teachers always says or advises us to decide what manner of persons we wish to be and what calling in life we want to follow because walking on the highway to success demands that we decide what we want to be in future. This I think means the profession we wish to take up as a vocation. To have a successful career, one must be able to have a right choice of profession. This will give one a great number of opportunities ranging from competence in the job, ability to adjust well in the job to job satisfaction and job security. In having a wise choice or right choice of profession, he or she has to undergo three steps in selecting a profession.
First, one needs an understanding of him/herself, his/her abilities, talents, interests, personalities, traits, values, ambitions’, resources and limitations. Secondly one needs to know the requirements and conditions of success, advantages and disadvantages, compensation, opportunities and prospects in the lines of work. Then, he or she needs to choose the job that matches him or her by reasoning on the relations of these facts. However, there are over a million different professions in the world today but the one I like most is to be a medical doctor. Being a medical doctor has joined my soul right from my primary school. I was listening to my mother abusing my elder ones for studying commercial subjects and had no interest in mother’s profession that is nursing. Even now in my present school I remember when one of my teachers asked what I will want to be in future, I don’t hesitate to tell him a medical doctor, which he advised me to start burning the night candles.
So Medicine is an old and historic life saving profession. Oxford Advanced Dictionary, Seventh edition defines a medical doctor as one whose job is to treat ill people. Together with the paramedical courses like nursing, pharmacy, medical laboratory science, dentistry, physiotherapy etc. ensures that patients are being adequately taken care of. My strong tomorrow’s profession is to be a medical doctor due to points below.
In the first instance, we have limited medical doctors in my environment and this leads to death of many serious, resourceful and sound souls who would have led and lifted my environment to the greater level. As it is in the definition of medicine as a profession given above, I wish to be saving lives and this is my primary aim of liking the profession of a medical doctor. I have even started helping my mother in treating wounds whenever I go with her to her working place in the hospital. This gives me great joy to be a professional medical doctor. So that I would be in a better position to save lives of many Nigerians who in one way or the other are facing health problems. Hopefully my presence in this profession will save those who suffer from deadly diseases, it is a pity that when you go to the hospital you find some lying sick on the floor due to insufficient hospital beds and limited doctors in the hospital. It makes me want to cry because they are really suffering. Also the lack of sufficient doctors makes people die in a very short period of time because some need emergency treatment .Some of the diseases that make people to suffer most are diarrhea, stomach pains asthma etc.
Another main reason for my likeness of this profession is to make a name for myself through scientific investigations. This would be created with an extension in life expectancy of age between 5 and 18years. I wish to engage myself in this so that the lost hopes would be restored and problems of inequalities in the health sector will be resolved. Information received on cancer today, serious diseases, accidents and trauma gives me a sense of belonging and thought to welcome medical profession when I am an adult. The most important professions today are those who are involved in finding solutions to lives. I will work very hard to find permanent cure to some diseases. For example I will like to go into area of finding solutions to worst diseases globally believed to be HIV/AIDs. I will like to make it a great challenge to break new grounds in medical technology by solving the menace and the high mortality roles to make my country and community healthy.
However, it makes me feel pity to most of our people dying due to the scarcity of surgeons and doctors in our country. You will be seeing many people suffering from internal diseases and in the country we would and we would not be able to solve the problem until we travel abroad seeking for help where they will charge huge sum of money. I therefore intend to find solutions to this.
In addition, I will like to go into medical practice so that I can be an employer of labor in the medical line. I will employ both new and experienced medical doctors and nurses. If God grants me the effort, I will establish a private nursing school; this will pose a challenge to the public nursing schools with a view of achieving the professional excellence.
It pains me always when I look at the country’s situation I feel like jumping to the hospital to fulfill my ambition without schooling and start working to help my sisters in ante-natal care. It pains me to see male doctors in the maternity ward helping them to deliver the baby. Islamically it is prohibited for men to touch a woman who is not their wife. Never the less, I am drawing the attention of my colleagues to tie their wrappers and work to help our sisters that are experiencing this problem.
Domestically, I am determining to be a medical doctor so as to take proper care of my family. Medical profession is one of the two professions considered convenient for women because there are some jobs that a woman cannot successfully combine with her status as a woman. I don’t downgrade any profession to upgrade my own desire, every profession has its own usefulness and dignity but to me more humane to human, embrace medical profession at my adulthood.
Money making profession is medical practice. Many people did not know it but medical care is now the major determinant for life richness. Therefore I wish to be a medical practitioner when I become an adult because it makes one rich and popular and gets dignity and respect in the society.
To crown it all, my interest of becoming the medical doctor is to also find solution to polio through frequent immunization programme.Even in my school, many of us experience paralysis or wounds unexpectedly and this always affects their academics, I Understand that this profession is strenuous and difficult but it is worth doing, my dedication to the work will encourage me to excel in the field.
In conclusion I pray to have the ability and luck to carry out my life ambitions and dreams. I have started in a little way by making science subjects my dearest in school and home because efficiency and proficiency at work demands that one has a right choice of career. Medicine as a profession to me is more than any profession in the world. I cherish this and I pray God gives me the opportunity, strength and knowledge to achieve necessary skills for employment when I grow up to the task.


Ummul-Khairi Adamu Bayero (GUSS Gwaram))


SCHOOL: Girls Unity Secondary School (Gwaram)


 Topic: Why is Girl Education Important for the Development of all Societies?

Firstly, I will like to start with the meaning of education and development. Education is the process of teaching, training and learning especially in schools or college to improve knowledge and develop skills of what you don’t know. While development is a change, growth or improvement over a period of time, or a new event that changes a situation or the process of creating a new product or methods or the product or method that is created.
Girls’ education is very important to all societies because whenever a girl is educated is like the whole community or society is educated. Moreover if a girl is educated she can help her community and the society with some works like cleaning the environment and surrounding around her. Girls’ education is very important because she can help her mother and even her younger ones when it comes to assignment.
If a girl is educated she can take care of her younger ones at home and even if she gets married she can control her house, make it clean and tidy every time and she can give her children good moral obedience. For example if a girl is educated everybody will respect her in the community and even some will seek for her hands in marriage and her parents will be so proud of her. If she is educated when she gets married without work, she knows different kind of hand work to do, so she will be doing it for the benefit of her children because she doesn’t want to depend on her husband alone and for that her husband will respect her because she does not depend on him alone. If she is not educated her children will not be proud of her because she wouldn’t be able to help them with their assignment and for that it is a big shame to her. So girl education is very important for the society at large. For example the bride price of an educated girl is higher than the uneducated that is why some parents use the bride price to buy some items for her.
Girl education is very important because when she is through with her studies she can get a job quickly and help the community at large, she can help her parents too and also pay her younger ones school fees and even cater for their needs. Likewise she can help the poor ones in the society by putting them too in schools and even build a school for them to learn too.
If a girl is educated, among her ethnic groups she will be honored because she will bring peace co-existence among them. Girl education is very important in the society at large because if she is educated she can govern a particular state not only state but country. For example the former minister of education, because she was educated that is why she was given the minister of education.
When a girl-child is educated she knows how to make her life and other people’s life move well and she can teach the people how to make their future better. Some people said that it is better for a girl to be given informal education than formal education but all have its importance, but the formal education is more important because that is where she can learn how to care for her life and future. Education is very important for the development of the society because a girl contributes to see her community develop well, when a girl is educated even the government sponsor her education further to go abroad to read further more so she can come back and help the community with their basic needs like helping the poor ones with shelter, medication etc.
Girl’s education is very important because when ever she is educated she will like to see her community among the best in her area. Whenever a girl is educated she will be proud of herself because she knows almost everything that is going on around the would, if a girl is educated, her fellow girls will also be educated too. We have the right to be educated in order to make our future better. The consequences of hocking can lead to rape by same men, while others working with the rich end up being abused; sometimes government makes sure that a girl acquires knowledge because it is more important than the male education. So girl education is very important to the development of all societies if a girl is educated all societies will be educated but if she is not the societies wont be


Aisha Ibrahim (GSTC Kano)


SCHOOL: Mairo Tijjani Girl’s Science Technical College, Kano.


Topic: The vision I have for girls in my society. 

First of all I will like to define what vision is, Vision can be defined as a power of seeing into one’s mind what may happen in future. The following are the visions I have for girls in my society.
EDUCATION: Girls should be trained and be given free education from primary to the university level. They should be encouraged to go to school because if you educate a girl you educate the whole nation, this is due to the fact that girls are future wives and mothers of people, and they give moral training to their children and take care of their husbands.
GOOD AMBASSADORS: Girls are going to be good ambassadors of their people they will show good examples and also show them the right ways to do things when women are sent to represent the government on any function.
VOICES OF FUTURE: Women by the grace of God are going to be presidents of our beloved country Nigeria and vice presidents in future because they are engaging or participating in politics, because they have freedom of speech to express themselves.
RIGHT TO BE VOTED FOR: A human right contest for election and be voted by people. In future we are going to have many women in politics. Even as at now we have many prominent politicians such as Naja’atu Muhammad, Sarah Jibril etc. All these women contested in 2011 election but all lost, but by my vision on women I am seeing them as presidents, vice presidents, governors etc.
PROMOTE PEACE: Women are known to be promoters of peace .They don’t want quarrelling, so in future they are going to be staying peacefully with their husbands and they will promote peace in the society.
ORGANIZATION: In future young women are going to organize themselves in such a way that they will help themselves and develop their society , One day we are going to have young women farmers association, young girls tailors association etc.
PRINCIPLES OF LEADERSHIP: Girls are going to be the leaders of tomorrow because I know there is going to be a new teaching process for the principles of leadership in our schools, houses, radios, television and other means of communications
Girls are penetrating between the societies.


Habiba Hamisu Ibrahim (GGSSS Jahun)





A role model is a person you like and admire him or her and makes you want to be like the person. My role model is Hajia Hauwa Abdullahi Daya. She is a woman of peace and harmony, easy to understand; decent, gentle, intelligent, talented in short she is the most perfect person I have ever known in my life.
My role model Hajia Hauwa originated from, Daya a town in Yobe State. She was born into a royal family of four wives and more than twenty children; unfortunately she being the last born didn’t get the opportunity to meet some of her elderly brothers and sisters whom were already dead before she was born. Her father loves her so much because of her respectful behaviors but at the age of nine she lost her father which resulted to her staying with her sister who was a principal at Federal Government College Potiskum in Yobe state. She attended shabiki play group and primary school, and then later proceeded to Federal Government Girls College potiskum for her Secondary education. Since when she was young she had always had the interest on becoming a medical doctor. Her sister’s husband helped her in getting admitted into the university where she studied medicine. At the middle of her studies, she got married to Alhaji Mohammad Ibrahim who is an Indigene of Jigawa state and also a friend to her sister’s husband.
There are so many special things I admire about my role model these includes: Being gentle, she is a woman of her words, her intelligence and talents, her style of living with people, she has the qualities of a good mother and her career.
Her Gentleness: The way she plays every role of her life impresses me, meaning being gentle doesn’t mean she is snobbish but makes people respect her. Gentleness is Hajia Hauwa’s identity, when she communicates you hear a gentle woman speaking, even when she carries out her daily activities, there is a special respect she carries.
She is a Woman of her Words: When I say a woman of her words I simply mean when she speaks it is final because there is no doubt about that which make people always wanting to listen to her. When taking a decision, you can see the seriousness and she is also trust worthy.
Her intelligence and Talents: She has the ability to think, understand and does things in a special way. I love when she solves problems, negotiates with people, talk at office meetings and lastly the way she interacts with her patients in the hospital makes me want to be like her.
Her style of living with people: Her knowledge really deserves to be admired. As I wrote earlier, she is the best lady of peace and harmony because living with people is not really easy, but she was able to bring in some family members, including friends and their kids to live together with her in her own home. She hardly expresses her anger on them , not that they don’t offend her but when she gets angry she always makes sure that she is calm first before calling the offender to order. When there is any form of misunderstanding amongst them she brings a solution, they always come to her to find a way out and she is always ready to help them. Also she is never tired of her family and her social responsibilities.
Her qualities of a good Mother: It is not easy to be a mother but being a perfect and a good mother is more difficult. A good mother always wants what is best for her children; she gives them a quality and a standard education. She provides them with all necessary school materials. Hajia Hauwa is always very serious about her children’s education. She is not the type of mother that pampers her kids, she is strict when it comes to their academics, she hates it when a child is being lazy, and that was what made her to take her daughter to a very far boarding school. In terms of respect her children are good. Her relatives are always proud of her children’s upbringing.
Her Career: Career may be defined as a profession or a job one does to get money to meet daily needs. Her own career here is helping the sick; she is a doctor working in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital. I have always admired female doctors, despite the work load on her she never complains, she has a good relationship with her patients, and she sometimes provides some of their needs. Hajia Hauwa is also a giver; she never shows any difference between the rich and the poor
Another thing I cannot forget to include is that Hajjia Hauwa is a supportive wife. Even when she and her husband Alhaji Muhammad were unemployed in their early marital life, she managed everything they had. Until her husband got a job and after two years she was also employed at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Kano.
My role model is a type of woman who takes life easy. She plans well, she tries to take a right decisions and She also believes in hard work, and by God’s grace she is presently a medical doctor. Being knowledgeable and also the head of department, whenever a problem arises at work, she tackles the problem positively.
My role model loves hardworking persons, she always advices the young people around her not to waste their time on things that are not fruitful, she encourages them to plan for their future in order to live a  happy life in years to come before it gets late. In terms of religion, she fears God and never tries to break the Islamic laws. I was once told that ever since she was a young girl, she enjoys fasting not only in the month of Ramadan but also the voluntary fasting. She always observes her daily prayers on time. She gives alms to the poor it is like a compulsory duty she performs everyday. Her kids are always proud of their mother and her special abilities which they try to copy. She is a wise and a confident woman that people always admire including me. That is my role model
The woman I admire, the one I wish to be like. May the Almighty God continue to bless her.


Bilkisu Inuwa (GSC Garko)





What is education itself?
Education as defined by the oxford learner advanced dictionary is the process of, training and learning especially schools or colleges to improve knowledge and develop skills. According to Dr. Zakar Hussein, the late president of India defined education as the process of the individual mind getting to its full possible development.
What is girls’ education?
Girl’s education is a process where girls are taught in schools, colleges or universities. Girl-child education is indeed very important for the nation. Kautilya the great Indian states man and law giver stated that” Education means training for the country and love for the nation “. As we know that in the world there are two genders male/ female, who needs to be, educated most especially the girls because by nature they are more competitive and challenging than boys. No educated lady will want to see her country go astray, therefore in everything they do they always try to see that nothing goes wrong, which is why even in a family they are the one’s that can guide their younger ones.
Families suffer too if girls are not educated because each and every girl is seen as a mother to be and mothers with education use the knowledge they have acquired to improve the health of their children and other family members. Educated mothers provide better nutrition too and their knowledge of health risks protecting their families against illnesses and promoting health seeking behaviors more generally. This is because their eyes and minds are not only on their families’ health improvement but rather on the whole society. For example, an educated mother can be able to fish out some signs and symptoms of a particular disease on the body of her neighbor’s child, in which the neighbor isn’t aware of therefore the educated mother can take the child to his/her parent and explain things to them and direct the parents on what to do. From this example we can see how the educated mother gradually helps the society as a whole.
Moreover, it is well known that there will be reduction of poverty in the society if majority of the girls are sent to school. I believe no educated girl will end up in poverty if really she is highly educated. A girl who is educated is always reasonable and smart and will never want something bad to affect her and the entire society. Such as consequence of poverty which includes human trafficking, prostitution, believe in superstition and many other things related to it. There is no opposition in saying that human trafficking occur in areas where girls are not educated, it is indeed a negative statement to say that educated mothers will allow their children to be taken for slavery. Educated and talented girls will never have interest in prostitution talk less of being raped because they have the knowledge of what leads to it, they also don’t believe in superstition all they believe in is their knowledge.
Further more, girl-child education plays a vital role in the decrease of child mortality rate. Child mortality is higher among families where both parents are not educated than educated parents. Illiterate mothers usually don’t know how to take care of themselves properly when they are pregnant, they don’t know what kind of food they are expected to eat or even how to exercise their bodies. Majority of the illiterate mothers don’t know the kind of treatment that should be given to a new born baby including immunization because they don’t even go to the hospital to deliver their babies, they believe that the doctors will deliberately kill their baby.
Girl-Child education is now recognized as the cornerstone of development. Educated girls who later become mothers invest more in their children’s schooling, the reason is that they attended schools and had seen the importance of being educated, and they always make sure they give their children all what they need by buying the required text books and dressing them neatly to school early. According to Camped in his speech he stated that when you educate a girl she will earn up to 25% more and reinvest 90% of income in her family.
Mean while educated girls are likely to have fewer children, having fewer children allows families to invest more in the health and education of each child thereby raising the productivity of the future generation.
In conclusion, islamically in the hadith it is said that “to educate a woman is like educating the whole nation”. Allah knows the gift he has given to girls for making their education so important to the world. Girl-child education yields spectacular social benefits for the current generation and those after, because it decreases child mortality. Girl-child education is the cornerstone for development; children are taken to school with the help of their educated mothers. Another importance is there are likely to have fewer children who are trained to be productive for the future generation. Girls’ education is indeed very important for the development of all societies


Nabila Tijjani Saleh (GSTC Kano)


SCHOOL: Mairo Tijjani Girl’s Science Technical College, Kano


TOPIC: A Female Role Model I Admire 

I really want to be a gynecologist as Dr. Halima Magashi. I admire her lot .Right from her childhood, she was identified with good behaviors, and her parents loved her and are very proud of her because of her intelligence. She does well at everything; she is well known and loved by people that are familiar with her.
Doctor Halima Magashi Attended Nasara primary school, she obtained a very good primary and secondary school certificate, her jamb result was also remarkable. Dr. Halima Magashi got admitted into Bayero University Kano where she studied medicine. She had a very good experience and passed out with a good result. She went further for consultancy and specialized as a gynecologist. She was among the best ten students that were given an offer to work in Nasarawa hospital, department of gynecologist and obstetric.
I am impressed by her hard work; she is very smart at handling medical conditions and diseases related to women and child birth. She is patient at all times, she tries to endure any hardship she comes across, she is very neat and reserved, she loves children, and she makes them happy.
Dr. Halima has a faithful manner as she supports patients, helps them and guides them without any difficulty, she attends to many patients, treats them, gives them the right prescription and appointments for further check ups. This made me remember an old man who suffers from diabetics, he was put on a specific diet but refused which made the illness worsen, but fortunately with God’s mercy Dr. Halima found a solution to make him recover.
In addition when Dr. Halima is on duty call she tries as much as possible to be prompt, this is why she is being loved by her colleagues and even the medical directors appreciate her efforts and she stands out professionaly.Dr. Halima assists pregnant women especially during ante-natal care; she gives them necessary advice on how to maintain health right from conception to delivery. She easily detects any form of abnormalities earlier before the labor starts so that delivery will be done successfully, patients who go to Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital particularly her departments are very proud of her. Female patients feel free to express themselves as she attends to them in a friendly manner.
During surgery Dr. Halima Magashi gives total attention to her patients, making sure that an operation is been carried out successfully. After the surgery, she follows up the patients until he or she is fully recovered and discharged. So you can see that her work to the society is very enormous. This is partly why I greatly love and hope to be like her. I am impress with her steps and ways of handling things. Dr. Halima Magashi