Research at the Development Centre

Policy ResearchResearch is central to all the Centre’s interventions. Formative research, baselines and end-lines are conducted for all projects of the Centre. The Centre also provides such services for development partners. The Development Centre has core competences in qualitative and quantitative techniques for monitoring and evaluating the outcomes and impact of social development projects. The Centre complies with national and global standards of ethics in social research by ensuring that an informed consent protocol is applied in community and facility based research. One of the Centre’s Coordinators is a member of the National Health Ethics Committee.

Monitoring and Evaluation constitute the key component the Centre’s  research work. Expertise in the area of M&E  include:

  • Community based social impact assessment
  • Baseline and formative researches
  • Community assets analysis
  • Population based surveys
  • Sustainability assessment
  • Intuitional analysis
  • Participatory project monitoring
  • Success story documentation
  • Ethnographic data analysis using qualitative data management software such as Anthropac and Qualitas
  • Quantitative data management using software such as Epi-info and SPSS